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The Gurney Institute Junior Consulting Associates are students of The Gurney Institute of Animal Communication HeartTalk Program® Certification Training.

Our program involves training in communicating with animals about behavioral or physical issues, helping lost animals be found, and assisting with animals who are near the end of their lives or who have passed over.  A hallmark of our Program is our Client Action Plan, which gives you specific, realistic steps to help with your animal’s behavioral or other issues.

Junior Consulting Associates have successfully completed 4 of our 6 Training Modules, and have consulted on over 40 cases, with professional mentoring.

Those who choose to schedule with a Junior Consulting Associate are agreeing to complete the provided Client Evaluation Form within 24 hours of the consultation.  This helps us monitor the results of your consultation and is an essential part of the Junior Consulting Associates Program.

To schedule a consultation with a Gurney Institute Junior Consulting Associate simply follow the steps below to arrange your consultation.

Step 1 – Choose which Gurney Institute Consulting Associate you prefer to work with. Please note: should you have questions prior to purchasing a consultation you have the option to email or call the Gurney Institute Consulting Associate. Consulting Associates check voice mail and email Monday – Friday. Gurney Institute Consulting Associates offering emergency consultation services check voicemail and email daily and typically reply to inquiries within hours.

Step 2 – Once you have paid for a consultation, you will need to complete the Client Intake Information on-line.

(Click here for Client Intake Form).  Please e-mail a photo of your animal to

In the event you choose to pay for the consultation via check, please send the check payment to:
The Gurney Institute of Animal Communication
3715 North Cornell Road
Agoura, California 91301 USA

Step 3 – You will receive correspondence from The Gurney Institute Consulting Associate to schedule your consultation between 24 hours to 2 (two) business days depending on the consultation type you choose.

View the Consultation Terms in its entirety.

Fee Schedule for Junior Consulting Associates

By purchasing a consultation through The Gurney Institute of Animal Communication, you are agreeing to The Gurney Institute of Animal Communication Release of Liability.

Monies are NOT refundable. Monies can be rolled over to another consultation or tutoring session at a later date or used towards the purchase of other products offered by The Gurney Institute.

Junior Consulting Associates


Madeleine Balcer is an animal lover just like you.

She has a BA in Biology, and two Masters in Information Science and Project Management. She worked in the field of Library Software and Automation until 2006.

She always liked to walk in the forest, hear, smell and feel nature surrounding her. Early in her life she talked to animals in the wild. She feels fortunate to have met Carol Gurney and completed the HEARTTALK PROGRAM® CERTIFICATION TRAINING. Through this she discovered she could engage in a two-way conversation with an animal.

Madeleine’s mission is to give your animal a voice.  Knowing how your animal feels and thinks creates a stronger bond between you, and can also help you understand and address any physical or behavioral problems, assist both of you during his transition, or help you find him if he is lost.  If you believe in reincarnation, or are simply curious and would like to explore something new, she can look into any past life you may have had with your present animal.

Madeleine is located in Quebec, Canada and is fluent in both French and English.

Click here for Madeleine’s client testimonials.

To contact Madeleine, email her by clicking here.

HANNA MARI, Junior Consulting AssociateHanna Mari

Hanna has always had a deep passion for nature and animals. Ever since she was a child she has had animals in her life. She could never imagine a life without the companionship of animals nor the splendour of this world. Her relationship with animals is so natural, and she has always felt a silent mutual love and understanding in their presence.

Hanna loves sharing the wisdom and spirit of this deep heartfelt connection between humans and animals. She says, “This is when the truly extraordinary happens!”

It is this awe that feeds Hanna’s passion to learn, share, and inspire others through animal communication.
Hanna has a BA in Developmental Psychology, and has over 25 years of experience in the Natural Health and Healing field with people. As a Master Herbalist and retired massage therapist, Hanna uses her knowledge of body work, anatomy, herbs, essential oils, and flower essences to compliment her animal communication practice.

Hanna works with all animals and all concerns. The majority of her practice is helping animals and their people during end-of-life issues by offering support, insight and guidance during this very emotional and difficult time. She helps bring a sense of peace and understanding with her gentle, compassionate demeanor. She works in a respectful and unbiased manner to both communicate with the animal and to authentically give them their own voice so she may share what they wish us to know.

Hanna resides in a small mountain ski town in British Columbia, Canada. She shares her country home with her loving husband, faithful Rottweiler, sweet Great Pyrenes and two adorable cats.

To contact Hanna, email her by clicking here.

SHELLI ORAVA, Junior Consulting AssociateSHELLI ORAVA

Shelli has always been associated with the animal world. She grew up on the Eastern side of the Canadian Rockies with a family of animal lovers, and was constantly surrounded by cats, dogs, horses, llamas and the omnipresent rescued beast or bird.

In the Orava family, the philosophy of animal care was: treat them as an equal, feed them before yourself and always pass kindness and love toward your four-legged friends. Shelli went beyond.  She had the innate tools to communicate naturally with the animal world. This was especially evident seeing her, from a young age riding bare back through the country, without bridle with a half dozen four-legged friends charging behind!

Shelli is married to a man who shares her many passions.  Multi-day horse packing trips through the rugged Canadian Rockies is one of their loves.  They live in a small hamlet in the Rockies and continue to be close to nature and the animal world.

Shelli has a calm, intuitive approach to life in both human and animal realms.  She has further developed this ability through life coaching,  and now through animal communication.  Her abilities result in building a bridge between the human/animal connection.

Click here for Shelli’s client testimonials.

To contact Shelli, email her by clicking here.