Rescue Partner Program

The Gurney Institute of Animal Communication is dedicated to its vision to change how the world thinks and feels about animals.  As part of this goal, The Institute has created a special program that not only helps provide animals with a larger voice in the world, but also benefits animal rescue groups and shelters.

The Institute is partnering with rescue groups and other non-profits around the country to provide two-day Introductory Animal Communication workshops taught by The Institute’s Founder and President, Carol Gurney.  These workshops not only spread the word about animal communication, bringing hope to animals who have none, but they also increase local awareness of the sponsoring rescue groups and serve as wonderful fundraising opportunities for these organizations.

When rescue organizations choose to put on a workshop in their area, The Institute provides everything necessary to promote and produce a successful program.  These workshop tools include press releases, flyers, sample emails, and other informative aids to help each group put on an outstanding workshop.

As a workshop partner, rescue organizations are able to earn up to 20% of the net proceeds of the workshop, which can mean up to $2,500 going to the rescue group.  They are also gifted with up to two free workshop admissions, which some organizations have raffled off as a further fundraiser.

But that is only the beginning of the benefits that rescue groups receive.  In the year following the workshop, The Institute provides free consultations with any animals who have been placed by the Rescue in their forever homes and are having problems fitting in through the services of the students in the Institute’s Comprehensive Training Program.  The students who provide these services are being personally trained by Carol Gurney to become professional animal communicators.  As part of this training program, the students are closely advised and mentored by Carol and the Associates of The Institute.  These dedicated students are always eager to help rescued animals convey their special issues and needs to those who have saved them.  For a wonderful example of how The Institute can help with rescue animals, please take a look at “Barney’s Story” here.

The Institute is also currently developing the Animal Rescue Group Training Program specifically designed for volunteers of rescue groups and shelters.  After successfully completing this program, by communicating with their rescues these volunteers will be able to find compatible homes for the animals in their care, help resolve behavioral issues, and prevent the unnecessary euthanasia of animals who are merely misunderstood.

Through The Institute’s current workshop partnering program and its future Animal Rescue Group Training Program, The Institute is not only pursuing its goal to inform and educate the public about who animals truly are and what gifts they have to offer us, but it is also helping to provide educational and fundraising opportunities to rescue groups and shelters in order to help animals who need it the most, those who have not yet found their forever homes.