Hanna Bracken

HANNA BRACKEN, Certified Consulting AssociateHanna Mari

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Hanna is unavailable for consultations from July 27 through August 18

Hanna has always had a deep passion for animals and nature. Ever since she was a child she has had animals in her life. She could never imagine a life without the companionship of animals and their splendour in this world. Her relationship with animals is so natural and she has always felt a silent mutual bond of love and understanding in their presence.

Hanna loves sharing the wisdom of this deep heartfelt connection between humans and their animals. She says, “It is in this sacred and special connection that the truly extraordinary happens!”

It is this awe and wonder that feeds Hanna’s passion to learn, share, teach and inspire others through animal communication.

Hanna has a BA in Developmental Psychology, and has over 25 years of experience in the Natural Health and Healing field with people. As a Master Herbalist and retired massage therapist, Hanna uses her knowledge of body work, anatomy, herbs, essential oils, and flower essences to compliment her animal communication practice.Animal Communicator

Hanna works with all animals and all concerns. The majority of her practice is helping animals during end-of-life transitions by offering support, insight and guidance to their people during this very emotional and difficult time. She helps bring a sense of peace and understanding with her gentle, compassionate demeanor. She works in a respectful and unbiased manner to communicate with the animal and to authentically share their voice with their people.

Hanna resides in a small mountain ski town in British Columbia, Canada. She shares her country home with her loving husband, faithful Rottweiler, sweet Great Pyrenes and two adorable cats.

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