HeartTalk Program® Certification Training

The Gurney Institute

For those who feel a calling to take their training to the highest level and become Professional Animal Communicators, we are very proud to offer the HeartTalk Program® Certification Training. This is far more than a weekend workshop and the curriculum has been carefully designed over decades to provide you with the most comprehensive and unique training program in the field of Animal Communication.

The HeartTalk Program® modules are also offered separately to those interested in enhancing their skills, but not wishing to become Certified Professional Animal Communicators.

The program is designed so that each individual can cater it to their needs.  If you just want to improve your Animal Communication skills, then you can just attend as many of the Modules you would like to attend however they must be taken in consecutive order and each Module must be fully completed before taking the next Module.

The HeartTalk Program® Certification Training has a long-standing reputation of excellence. Our program is based on high standards and documented, measured results. We produce the highest quality Professional Communicators and provide the continual support you need to create a successful Animal Communication Practice.

During this intensive program, you will be provided with every tool you need to communicate with any animal and develop a realistic Client Action Plan to address issues. You will also learn how to conduct sessions, the ethics, standards and practices of the Professional Communicator, how to work with and communicate effectively to the human companion, how to create an effective Client Action Plan, how to address delicate subjects, and business development and marketing. Each Case Study you prepare is personally reviewed by The Gurney Institute Staff and returned to you with detailed, written guidance and suggestions to help you grow and improve your skills.

You will also receive the nurturing, guidance and one-on-one attention that is the trademark of The Gurney Institute. Carol will work with you and your individual needs, blocks, and talents to ensure you graduate from the program feeling confident in your abilities, knowing that your connections with the animals are genuine and accurate. Our Mentoring Program is unique to the industry: you will be assigned your own personal Mentor who will answer your questions and provide one-on-one coaching and ongoing support — all at no additional cost. Mentors are Gurney Associates and students in the higher levels of the program, and have proven to be an invaluable resource. Also, free monthly teleconferences are given for all training program students addressing questions and issues.

Having a mentor created the necessary structure, accountability and support for me to move forward in a
consistent way in the HeartTalk Program®. Mentorship kept my enthusiasm as well as commitment alive;
I probably would not have been successful in the program without it!

– K.B., Level 4 Student and Veterinarian

The Institute offers you a path to continue to develop your skills:  upon Certification, you may be invited to join The Institute as a Gurney Institute Consulting Associate.  You may also be invited to continue your studies and become a Gurney Institute Consulting and Teaching Associate.

If you want to make a difference in the lives of animals (and their human companions) all over the world, or just in your backyard, The Gurney Institute is ready to be your guide to becoming an authentic Professional Gurney Institute Certified Animal Communicator.

HEARTTalk Program® Certification Training Course Syllabus:


Introductory Animal Communication Workshop: Make the Connection

Required Reading:

The Language of Animals: 7 Steps to Communicating with Animals by Carol Gurney


(Average completion is 2 years); the program is flexible and can be completed at your own pace


Complete 6-Module Program – Click for Module Schedules and Prices:

Module 1: The Four Essentials: Learn the Skills ($1200-$1300*)
(*Payment plan available)
Class room training –  6 consecutive days
Certificate of Attendance awarded


Module 2: Work with the Animals:  Apply Your Skills ($800-$900)
Conduct and present 20 in-depth Case Studies PLUS Self-Assessment
Schedule a 1-hour private coaching with Carol ($250)
Certificate of Completion awarded


Module 3: Expand your Potential:  Refine Your Skills ($1300-$1400*)
(*Payment plan available)
Class room training – 5 consecutive days including Field Trips and teaching of past lives
Certificate of Attendance awarded


Module 4: Deepening the Connection:  Make a Difference ($800-$900)
Conduct and present 20 in-depth Case Studies PLUS Self-Assessment
Schedule a 1-hour private coaching with Carol ($250)
Certificate of Completion awarded


Module 5: Become the Professional:  Demonstrate Your Skills ($1250 online – $1350 classroom*)

(*Payment plan available)

2 formats are offered for Module 5: online and classroom
Conduct and present final 10 cases

  • 3 with Client via Skype
  • Remaining 7 cases will be critiqued via email

One-hour live presentation with question and answer period on animal communication via Skype

Classroom (5 days for a minimum of 5 people):

Final 10 cases

  • 4 cases included in two field trips
  • Remaining 6 cases are not included…additional charge applies

One-hour live presentation with question and answer period on animal communication via Skype

Review of business materials

GIAC Certificate of Achievement awarded 


Module 6: Master Communicator:  Prepare for Certification ($250)
1-hour private coaching with Carol

Graduation: Apply for Certification
4 final Case Studies submitted to independent Board of Review

Certification: GIAC Professional Animal Communicator

Additional Requirements:

These additional requirements can be completed at any time during the Modules.

The Animals as our Mirrors Webinar is highly valuable when taken between Modules 2 and 3.

Three Letters of Recommendation

Two outside workshops which will enhance your animal communication skills (example:  Healing Touch for Animals, TTouch, Reiki, etc.)


Marketing Assistance: GIAC will review your marketing materials and offer personalized suggestions to support your goals and can work on an hourly fee basis ($250 per hour)


HEARTTALK PROGRAM® Certification Training Description:

This 300 hour program is designed for animal lovers, for those working in animal related fields, for those who want to become Professional Animal Communicators, and for experienced Animal Communicators seeking continued education. This program demands each participant have impeccable communication skills with both animals and people. It also demands participants have a strong understanding of who they are, and a good sense of boundaries because this program will help bring light to areas one may need to grow in order to become an effective communicator.

Module 1:  The Four Essentials:  Learn the Skills

In Module 1, all the essentials of animal communication are taught, including:

  • Problem-solving skills
  • Lost animals
  • Physical issues
  • Death and dying

Problem-Solving Skills

Students are taught the complexities involved in problem solving as well as the step-by-step process of how to get to the root of any behavioral problem. The Gurney Institute is recognized as the leader in training Animal Communicators to become proficient and successful problem solvers. Students are not only taught how to get to the root of the issue but how to develop a customized Action Plan for the clients that can lead to resolutions.

Lost Animals

Students are taught the effective step-by-step techniques used to determine whether an animal is in the physical body, whether an animal is truly lost or not, and whether the animal is on the run or with a new family. Students will discover the most successful ways to communicate with the animal to determine the specific details as to his/her whereabouts. They will be taught how to assist the family by providing them powerful tools they can use to remain calm and productive. And in times when the location is found and not the animal, students will learn the next helpful steps in getting the animal back home. Tools as to how to relocate with animals successfully and what to do if they lose or find an animal will also be covered.

Physical Issues

Students will learn how to gather very specific details and will develop intricate skills about how the animal is feeling physically so this information can assist veterinarians in their diagnosis. Carol will teach them effective techniques for assisting those animals who are stoic or unwilling to share information. They will discover methods to uncover their physical and emotional states in intricate details. They will also learn how to determine the levels of pain an animal is experiencing and where the energy is blocked within the body. All of this leads to ways of developing applicable healing methods for each individual animal.

Death and Dying

Students are taught to understand the entire process and how to help clients prepare and heal from the loss of a beloved animal friend. They will learn ways of supporting an animal during times of failing health, preparing for their leaving, knowing when/or if they may need assistance in their transition, and understanding the grieving process. They will learn how animals view death, where they go and will learn how to reconnect with an animal companion who is in Spirit form. They will put their learning to practice by communicating with other student’s animals who are in Spirit form and are taught how to assist families during these delicate times.

Module 2:  Work with the Animals:  Apply Your Skills

Consists of 20 in depth case studies.  Each of the cases is reviewed by Carol or a member of The Gurney Institute Staff.  You will work closely with your Mentor to help you through the process.  Case studies are done on your own time frame and submitted to The Institute by email.

Module 3:  Expand Your Potential:  Refine Your Skills

Consists of presentation and discussion of students’ most challenging case studies.  Students will be taken on 2 field trips at local ranches so they can have experience working with the animals on site with the clients.  Students will have a mentor there for them for total support.

They will also be taught how to collect information regarding past life experiences that can be used in a therapeutic way when it is required to get to the root of the issue for behavioral problems.

Module 4:  Deepening the Connection:  Make a Difference

Consists of 20 in depth case studies.  Each of the cases is reviewed by Carol or a member of The Gurney Institute Staff.  You will work closely with your Mentor to help you through the process.  Case studies are done on your own time frame and submitted to The Institute by email.

Module 5:  Become the Professional:  Demonstrate Your Skills

Module 5 is offered in two formats: conducted online and in classroom over 5 days with a minimum of 5 people. but can be offered as an in-person course.

  • Online consists of 10 cases: 3 live Skype field trips and the remaining 7 cases critiqued via email.  One-hour live presentation with question and answer period on animal communication via Skype.
  • Classroom consists of 2 field trips (equal to 4 cases), and the remaining 6 cases are conducted outside of the classroom and will be charged as all other cases have been done leading up to Module 5.  One-hour live presentation with question and answer period on animal communication. In addition, there is a review of business materials.

The Student has now submitted a total of 50 cases.  Students will also be asked to give a 30-minute lecture in animal communication along with a question and answer period.  This is exactly what will be asked of a student when s/he becomes a professional and we want our students to get the feedback necessary to feel comfortable lecturing in the field.

Module 6:  Master Communicator:  Prepare for Certification

This is a one-hour private coaching session with Carol to help prepare you for Certification.

Graduation:  Apply for Certification

This is when you will submit your final 4 in-depth case studies.  A final evaluation of each student’s work is conducted by an independent Board of Review. The Board of Review includes members experienced in a broad range of disciplines including academia, business, animal medicine and animal communication. The Board will review your cases and will critique each one of them and decide whether you are ready to be certified.

Students are certified only when they have successfully met all the requirements of The Institute and are approved by the Board of Review. When they are certified, each student may step into the field of Animal Communication knowing that they are the best they can be and truly know what is expected of them as Professional Animal Communicators.

Some graduates may be offered the opportunity to join The Institute as Consulting Associates, have their own personalized listing on The Institute’s website and receive on-going mentoring from Carol. They also may be invited to continue training and become Gurney Institute Consulting and Teaching Associates.

Throughout the program, each student is always tested, challenged and given specific recommendations to enhance their abilities.  Each student is regularly evaluated for their level of:

In addition, students are trained to handle any situation presented with confidence and compassion, to set aside judgments and opinions, and to deal with strong emotions and conflicts, while remaining clear and grounded in order to hear the true voice of the animal. And they are taught to relate to the human part of the relationship with the same compassion as they do with the animals.

Another important aspect of the program is our extensive focus on counseling skills. In many cases, students of Animal Communication learn how to communicate with animals but they lack the ability to effectively communicate with the human companion and handle the delicate issues that may arise such as a lost animal or the death of a beloved animal. Graduates of The Institute finish their training with the tools needed to handle any situation that may arise during a session.

Students are also taught how to make clear, informative, and compassionate presentations not only to clients but to the public so they may be effective in lecturing in the field of animal communication.  Formal evaluations of each student’s presentation skills are conducted as part of the program.

A large factor in the success of the program is the commitment of the students to continue to work on themselves emotionally. The program also includes learning how to listen to the animals without projection, how to deal with strong emotions, working professionally with a client, developing a therapeutic relationship, how to deal with difficult situations, when to refer a client to another professional, and discussions on ethical topics.