Workshop Coordinator Position Description

Position Specifications

Promotes and markets workshops or programs to surroundings communities.
Accurately provides workshop or program information and details to those interested.
Maintains detailed contact information of those interested in participating in a workshop or program.
Provides a venue that is conducive for the hosted workshop or program.
Communicates with workshop or program venue owners or managers to ensure the rented venue layout is properly set up and all documentation/contracts are accurately completed and submitted.

Personal Characteristics

Successful Coordinators are friendly, open and relate to a wide variety of people.
Coordinators are approachable and are consistently positive.
Coordinators must be self-motivated and dedicated to the position.
Coordinators that are well-networked are typically the most successful in marketing the workshops or programs.
Coordinators must demonstrate organization and planning skills.
Coordinators should be able to display good judgment and decision making skills with minimal supervision.
Coordinators must pay attention to detail and maintain consistent accuracy.
Coordinators must be able to clearly communicate effectively with individuals, in small groups and in public.

Personal Skills

Proficient in email applications
Proficient in Microsoft Word and Excel
Skilled using the World Wide Web
Experienced in internet marketing
Experienced in community education and development


Coordinators are required to have successfully completed the Introductory Animal Communication Workshop offered through The Gurney Institute of Animal Communication. In the event a coordinator has not completed the Introductory Animal Communication Workshop, The Gurney Institute of Animal Communication will offer the Beginners Guide to Animal Communication CD to review prior to scheduling a workshop.

When If you are interested in coordinating a workshop after reviewing this Coordinator Position Description, and you are confident you can register up to a maximum of feel you can draw 14- 40 animal lovers interested in animal communication, please contact The Gurney Institute of Animal Communication office at 828-595-2285 or via email at

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