Teleclasses & Schedule

Below is a complete listing of upcoming Teleclasses. By registering for a Teleclass, you are agreeing to the Workshop and Program Policies. We look forward to seeing you soon!

ALL Teleclasses are taught by Carol Gurney.

Special One-hour TELECLASS – “Animal Communication vs. Intuition

Is there a difference between Animal Communication and Intuition? Some people think that it is the same thing. Others feel that there are differences between the two. How do you know if what you are hearing comes from the animal or from your own intuition? Does it even matter? Carol will discuss her viewpoint and how to distinguish between the two. You will also learn how to develop your skills in both areas.

Special One-hour TELECLASS – “The Importance of Getting the Details and Validating Information

The key to convincing yourself and the person whose animal you are talking with is getting all the nitty gritty details. And for the person to be able to validate that for you. This helps you build your confidence more than anything else. So what is the best way to develop this skill? How do you see more visuals if that isn’t your strong suit? What can you do push yourself and move you towards some of the most meaningful conversations you can have with an animal? Discover the next steps in the process during this one-hour class.