Client Testimonials for SHELLI ORAVA

Client Testimonials for SHELLI ORAVAThis beautiful boy came to live with us at the age of six. To me it seemed that he was quite a hand full. Extremely strong willed and challenging. When I leaned of Shelli, I was thrilled to have her communicate with Logan. I had read two of Carol Gurney’s books. So, knew the importance of Animal Communication. By now Logan was nine and I was feeling frustrated with my own lack of ability to understand him and form the bond that we so desperately needed.

Everything Shelli told me about Logan’s character was spot on. It was intriguing to say the least. Learning the reason behind his food aggression has helped me to understand it. Now he gets total respect and privacy while eating. Before Shelli communicated with him he would dive into his dish with a furry, snap and growl if anyone or animal came near. Now the cat can walk all around his dish and he does nothing! As well he waits and looks at me as if to say “thank you. Is it ok if I eat?” I pat him and answer “this is for you Logan.” I am really surprised and pleased at the change.

When I called Logan he would turn, look right at me and run away. After Shelli talked to him about it and I heard what he had to say, I realized that I was keeping a too tight rein on him even though there was no leash involved. He was telling me to trust him. He is the protector of me. I am not the protector of him. His instincts in this area are uncanny and he does not let me out of his sight. In fact this was the unspoken reason why I choose him. Only I wasn’t connecting with it and understanding it. His recall now is much better with or without treat which was what he wanted. If he is busy sniffing and ignores me at first I just say Bye Bye and walk away and he comes right too me.

Logan’s sense of humor is brilliant. He keeps us laughing with his antics. We are so blessed to have him in our lives. He has taught me to lighten up and laugh. Even at his frequent mud baths.

Communicating with Logan has had a huge positive effect. I am so thankful to Shelli and the Gurney Institute for the work they are doing.

Linda Plested and Logan