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The Gurney Institute Student Consulting Associates are students of The Gurney Institute of Animal Communication HeartTalk Program® Certification Training.

Our program involves training in communicating with animals about behavioral or physical issues, helping lost animals be found, and assisting with animals who are near the end of their lives or who have passed over.  A hallmark of our Program is our Client Action Plan, which gives you specific, realistic steps to help with your animal’s behavioral or other issues.

Student Consulting Associates have successfully completed 3 of our 6 Training Modules, and have consulted on over 20 cases, with professional mentoring.

Those who choose to schedule with a Student Consulting Associate are agreeing to complete the provided Client Evaluation Form within 24 hours of the consultation.  This helps us monitor the results of your consultation and is an essential part of the Student Consulting Associates Program.

To schedule a consultation with a Gurney Institute Student Consulting Associate simply follow the steps below to arrange your consultation.

Step 1 – Choose which Gurney Institute Consulting Associate you prefer to work with. Please note: should you have questions prior to purchasing a consultation you have the option to email or call the Gurney Institute Consulting Associate. Consulting Associates check voice mail and email Monday – Friday. Gurney Institute Consulting Associates offering emergency consultation services check voicemail and email daily and typically reply to inquiries within hours.

Step 2 – Once you have paid for a consultation, you will need to complete the Client Intake Information on-line.

(Click here for Client Intake Form).  Please e-mail a photo of your animal to

In the event you choose to pay for the consultation via check, please send the check payment to:
The Gurney Institute of Animal Communication
3715 North Cornell Road
Agoura, California 91301 USA

Step 3 – You will receive correspondence from The Gurney Institute Consulting Associate to schedule your consultation between 24 hours to 2 (two) business days depending on the consultation type you choose.

View the Consultation Terms in its entirety.

Fee Schedule for Student Consulting Associates

By purchasing a consultation through The Gurney Institute of Animal Communication, you are agreeing to The Gurney Institute of Animal Communication Release of Liability.

Monies are NOT refundable. Monies can be rolled over to another consultation or tutoring session at a later date or used towards the purchase of other products offered by The Gurney Institute.

Student Consulting Associates

Allison O’Neill, Student Consulting AssociateAllison O'Neill

Allison has always connected deeply with animals. She now realizes she was actually conversing with them long before she even knew about the field of Animal Communication.

Having spent 25 years in corporate leadership roles, she travelled the world learning to bridge cultures. This global experience taught her to keep her mind and heart open to all perspectives. She experienced first-hand how we are all connected in some way and that every voice, no matter how large or small, deserves to be heard and understood.

Allison ONeillAllison then found the Gurney Institute certification program and, in 2019, stepped away from the corporate world to more fully pursue her soul’s work of Animal Communication. She strongly believes harmony with the animal kingdom is important for our future and Animal Communication is one of the ways to bridge us together.

She focuses her time on working with and rescuing animals as well as enjoying the cats whom have chosen to live with her and her husband. Allison is also an Enneagram Coach, and practices Healing Touch for Animals and Aromatherapy.

“Every animal brings us something beautiful and unique. I am always honored to work with them and their people to help them find more compassion, understanding, and peace in their lives.”

To contact Allison, email her by clicking here.

LOLI JANE HEIMBERG, Student Consulting Associate

LoliLoli is a Student Associate Animal Communicator and is thrilled to be serving animals and their humans as an “interspecies communicator”. She can assist with issues with behavioral/training/physical; death/dying/end of life issues; help locate lost animals; reincarnation/past lives; and animals as our mirrors.

LoliLoli has worked with the Honolulu Zoo, Wild Heart Sanctuary, Pacific Primate Sanctuary, and the Wildlife Waystation doing animal communication, as a volunteer and providing Pranic Healing, a non-touch healing technique to balance emotions and remove pain, injury, illness, disease, stress, trauma, while cleansing & energizing chakras.

To contact Loli, email her by clicking here.


Stephanie is unavailable for consultations until further notice.

Stephanie has had a deep love for and connection to animals ever since she was a little girl. As a child, Stephanie dreamed of becoming a veterinarian as she cared for her family’s many animals, including dogs, cats and a bunny.

After graduating from college, Stephanie managed public relations for her family’s auto-racing business for several years. In 2007, she went back to school and earned her MA in Spiritual Psychology with an emphasis in Consciousness, Health and Healing from the University Santa Monica. At that same time, Bella, Stephanie’s precious Teacup Poodle, came into her life and reminded Stephanie that she is to work with animals. She created her own do care business, became involved with animal rescue and began studying animal communication.

Based in Santa Barbara, CA, Stephanie is currently focused on completing her HeartTalk Program® Certification Training through The Gurney Institute. Her deep compassion, intuitive gifts and love for animals makes animal communication a perfect fit! Stephanie is dedicated to giving animals a voice and assisting animals and humans in better understanding one another. Stephanie’s clients appreciate her sensitivity to their animals and to them, as well as, her compassionate and loving nature.

To contact Stephanie, email her by clicking here.

REBECCA SEDGWICK, Student Consulting AssociateRebecca Sedgwick

Not Currently Available for emergency cases

Ever since as a young girl Rebecca watched Dr. Doolittle and Walter Farley’s Black Stallion, she dreamed of being able to communicate and connect with animals that transcends and defies the rational mind.

Rebecca was always rescuing animals as a child – strays, rodents, wild birds of prey and volunteering at local stables and rescue centers.

Following studies in Law, a career in the military, government and the corporate world, Rebecca left the traditional careers to follow her passion in studying natural horsemanship and established a horse rescue and animal and rehabilitation center in Africa. This center also provided education and training, as well as connecting local autistic children and children with cerebral palsy with horses. Rebecca has developed a passion for therapeutic riding and her own son Daniel, would not be walking if it were not for horses.

Rebecca’s passion for animal communication is innate -yet this is something we all have the power within us to achieve!

Rebecca is located in the U.K.
To contact Rebecca, email her by clicking here.

MONIKA WACKER, Student Consulting AssociateMonika Wacker

Monika grew up communicating with animals and rescuing the ones that needed help. She nursed them back to health, even sleeping outside with them when her mother did not allow them inside the house.

Her cat Lulu was the catalyst to revive Monika’s passion for animal communication as an adult. Lulu was in a severe accident, needing care for months. Monika realized she needed to reclaim what she once did naturally as a child, to be able to communicate with Lulu. It was during this time she found Carol Gurney’s book and after reading it decided to start Carol~s training program in California.

Re-.learning to connect telepathically with animals was the completion Monika had sought all of her life. Feedback from clients encouraged her to follow this path. She feels gratified whenever she can help solve an issue, connect animals and their people more intimately, let them find closure after an animal has passed, or help them decide when the time for letting their animals go is right.

Monika took HTA (Healing Touch for Animals) training Level 1 and 2, works with Young Living oils and uses colour therapy to help with the healing process.

Monika is based in Switzerland.  She speaks German, English and French.
To contact Monika, email her by clicking here.