Laurie Foster

Laurie FosterCertified Consulting Associate
BS in Computer and Systems Engineering

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Laurie Foster grew up with cats and dogs in a family that loved animals. She earned a BS in Computer and Systems Engineering from Renselear Polytechnic Institute in Troy, New York and worked many years as a software developer.

Her job required her to work with many different groups of people, listen to their input, and understand their varied needs. The skills learned at work translated well to raising children, managing a family, volunteering, and being an active member of her community.

Laurie became interested in animal communication after her cat was diagnosed with cancer. With pressure from her veterinarian, Laurie was put in the uncomfortable position of choosing the day her cat would be euthanized. A friend told her about Carol Gurney’s book, “The Language of Animals: 7 Steps to Communicating with Animals,” which explains how anyone can communicate with their animals. Upon reading Carol’s book, Laurie knew she would have felt more at peace had she been able to ask her cat if he was ready to pass on. A weekend class with Carol Gurney was the impetus Laurie needed to pursue her interest in animal communication. Since completing Carol’s training course, Laurie has worked extensively with animals and their people, helping them with life-ending decisions (euthanasia), behavioral problems, and addressing questions about the animals in their lives. She combines her knowledge, sensitivity, and experience gained from parenting, engineering, and communicating with animals to help improve the lives and relationships of people and the special animals in their lives.

Laurie has worked with many animals and sees the uniqueness of each situation. Whether it’s unwanted behavior, illness, or simply a better understanding of their animal, Laurie has the skill and sensitivity to connect with the animals and help foster a better, happier relationship.

Laurie is also trained in energy work and is certified in both Reconnective Healing® and ThetaHealing™.

Laurie’s Work:

One of Laurie’s clients was a Great Dane who, thinking his job was to protect his person, was intimidating to everyone he met. In turn, his person was constantly stressed that he might one day hurt someone. Once he realized that his guardian wanted a friendly greeter, they both relaxed and enjoyed a happier bond.

Some animals carry a history from previous relationships. This was demonstrated by a client who thought her horse was angry because he kept biting her. Laurie discovered after talking with the horse that he was actually pushing her away because he was afraid of being abandoned: she was his third person in a short period of time and he didn’t dare get attached to her. He tried to bite a few more times but then stopped this behavior as he then understood that she loved him and was going to keep him and he didn’t have to worry about being sold or given away.

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