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Special Message From Carol:

I’m so pleased and proud to introduce my team of Gurney Institute Consulting Associates. All have completed our rigorous 6-Module HeartTalk Program® Certification Training under my personal guidance, and I would feel confident asking them to work with my own animals when (like any other professional dealing with “family members”) I need to call upon outside assistance. Please click on the Associate’s names at the left to read more about them.

Gurney Institute Consulting Associates are graduates of The Gurney Institute of Animal Communication HeartTalk Program® Certification Training, a rigorous, comprehensive 6-Module Program lasting 1 1/2 to 2 years which produces Professional Animal Communicators skilled in dealing with behavioral or physical issues, helping find lost animals, and assisting with animals who are near the end of their lives or who have passed over.  A hallmark of our Program is our Client Action Plan, which gives you specific, realistic steps to help with your animal’s behavioral or other issues.  Graduates of this program are required to complete more than 300 hours of training and meet all testing and evaluation standards throughout their training.  They have all successfully conducted 64 case studies, and must receive final certification approval by an independent Board of Review.

Gurney Institute Consulting Associates are highly skilled and experienced, and will provide a copy of their session notes upon request, and are at times more readily available for a consultation at a slightly reduced consultation fee.

To schedule a consultation with a Gurney Institute Consulting Associate simply follow the steps below to arrange your consultation.

Step 1 – Choose which Gurney Institute Consulting Associate you prefer to work with. Please note: should you have questions prior to purchasing a consultation you have the option to email or call the Gurney Institute Consulting Associate. Consulting Associates check voice mail and email Monday – Friday. Gurney Institute Consulting Associates offering emergency consultation services check voicemail and email daily and typically reply to inquiries within hours.

Step 2 – Once you have paid for a consultation, you will need to complete the Client Intake Information on-line.

(Click here for Client Intake Form).  Please e-mail a photo of your animal to

In the event you choose to pay for the consultation via check, please send the check payment to:
The Gurney Institute of Animal Communication
3715 North Cornell Road
Agoura, California 91301 USA

Step 3 – You will receive correspondence from The Gurney Institute Consulting Associate to schedule your consultation between 24 hours to 2 (two) business days depending on the consultation type you choose.

View the Consultation Terms in its entirety.

Fee Schedule for Consulting Associates

By purchasing a consultation through The Gurney Institute of Animal Communication, you are agreeing to The Gurney Institute of Animal Communication Release of Liability.

Monies are NOT refundable. Monies can be rolled over to another consultation or tutoring session at a later date or used towards the purchase of other products offered by The Gurney Institute.

Distance Consultations

Consultation – $150.00

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Each Additional Animal (up to 30 minutes per animal) – $125.00

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Each Additional 15 Minutes – $40.00

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Emergency Consultations

Emergency Consultation with Consulting Associate – $175.00

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Each Additional Animal (up to 30 minutes per animal) – $145.00

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Each Additional 15 Minutes – $45.00

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Group Consultations

Local Calls– $90.00 per animal
(up to 1 hour of travel round trip included, consultations are up to 30 minutes per animal)

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Tutoring Session with Sue Erwin

Tutoring Session with Sue Erwin– $150.00

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