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The Gurney Institute Junior Consulting Associates are students of The Gurney Institute of Animal Communication HeartTalk Program® Certification Training.

Our program involves training in communicating with animals about behavioral or physical issues, helping lost animals be found, and assisting with animals who are near the end of their lives or who have passed over.  A hallmark of our Program is our Client Action Plan, which gives you specific, realistic steps to help with your animal’s behavioral or other issues.

Junior Consulting Associates have successfully completed 4 of our 6 Training Modules, and have consulted on over 40 cases, with professional mentoring.

Those who choose to schedule with a Junior Consulting Associate are agreeing to complete the provided Client Evaluation Form within 24 hours of the consultation.  This helps us monitor the results of your consultation and is an essential part of the Junior Consulting Associates Program.

To schedule a consultation with a Gurney Institute Junior Consulting Associate simply follow the steps below to arrange your consultation.

Step 1 – Choose which Gurney Institute Consulting Associate you prefer to work with. Please note: should you have questions prior to purchasing a consultation you have the option to email or call the Gurney Institute Consulting Associate. Consulting Associates check voice mail and email Monday – Friday. Gurney Institute Consulting Associates offering emergency consultation services check voicemail and email daily and typically reply to inquiries within hours.

Step 2 – Once you have paid for a consultation, you will need to complete the Client Intake Information on-line.

(Click here for Client Intake Form).  Please e-mail a photo of your animal to

In the event you choose to pay for the consultation via check, please send the check payment to:
The Gurney Institute of Animal Communication
3715 North Cornell Road
Agoura, California 91301 USA

Step 3 – You will receive correspondence from The Gurney Institute Consulting Associate to schedule your consultation between 24 hours to 2 (two) business days depending on the consultation type you choose.

View the Consultation Terms in its entirety.

Fee Schedule for Junior Consulting Associates

By purchasing a consultation through The Gurney Institute of Animal Communication, you are agreeing to The Gurney Institute of Animal Communication Release of Liability.

Monies are NOT refundable. Monies can be rolled over to another consultation or tutoring session at a later date or used towards the purchase of other products offered by The Gurney Institute.

Junior Consulting Associates

JO AYERS, Student Consulting Associate

Jo has had animals most of her life including wonderful horses, spectacular dogs and amazing cats. For the past 22 years Jo has been a volunteer at the Hawaiian Humane Society as an animal caretaker, foster parent and working in post-surgery recovery. Caring for animals is truly her greatest joy. After decades of work in social service and health care administration, Jo was looking for her dream job to do in retirement.  She researched animal related occupations and happily stumbled upon animal communication. After researching all the available training options, she chose the Gurney Institute because it was the most comprehensive, thorough and rigorous of them all.  To date, she has completed modules 1-5. Animal communication has been what she has been looking for all of her life. Nothing else comes close to bringing the deep connectedness, peace and satisfaction of this sacred work.

She calls her animal communication business Houpo Aloha. Houpo in Hawaiian means “the heart center”and Aloha means love.  From the heart is were all animal communication begins and ends.  She is skilled in death and dying cases – and has brought many people peace from communicating with their beloved 4 legged companions. She works well with behavioral, emotional and physical problems as well.

She has a Master’s degree in Public Health and a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and comes highly recommended by Dolly (her current feline), Nicky (past feline), and Smokey (past canine). In addition to becoming a certified Animal Communicator with the Gurney Institute, she is working on becoming a Healing Touch for Animals practitioner.

Clients particularly appreciate Jo’s compassion and her ability to get to the heart of the matter with honesty and integrity.  This often leads clients to a deeper understanding, not only of their animal, but also themselves.

To contact Jo, email her by clicking here.