How to Make a Donation

BoxerandgoatHelp us change how the world thinks and feels about animals.  Through education and training, we open the lines of communication between people and their animals.  We envision a world where people recognize and know animals for who they truly are; that they are no different than us and they experience all the same emotions.  By learning to speak their language we are then able to learn the gifts of love they have to offer us and we can also help make their lives better:  behavior and physical problems can be understood and addressed, unnecessary euthanizations can be avoided, and we can keep animals out of shelters.

Your gift can:

  • Fund scholarships for workshops and training programs for everyone:  adults and children
  • Support new education and community outreach programs
  • Help the development of targeted training programs for animal professionals such as veterinarians, trainers and animal shelter caregivers
  • Fund special lectures, presentations, radio and TV appearances

Contributions can be in the form of Donations or Planned Giving.

The Workshop was so powerful and empowering…Carol looks into the core of the animal as well as the people and we’re all the same.”  Janet O., after attending “Animals as our MIrrors” workshop


Please click “Make a Donation”  below.  You can enter your specific donation amount on the next page.  You may also give a give in memory of a special person or beloved animal.

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Planned gifts provide exceptional opportunities for The Institute to teach people how to communicate with animals:  to both listen to them and to speak with them.  Described below are a number of ways you can give to The Institute through Estate Planning.

PLEASE NOTE: It is important to seek the advice of an estate planning attorney and/or financial professional when you are arranging your estate planning. The rules are complex and constantly changing

There are a number of methods for you and your estate planning professional to consider if you wish to donate to The Gurney Institute of Animal Communication as part of your Estate Plan.  Some of these methods are also tax saving mechanisms.  However, it is important to remember that each individual’s financial situation is different and these methods should only be considered after consulting with your attorney or/or financial professional.

A will is a document that states how you would like your assets to be distributed upon your death and can be revised throughout your life.  There are a variety of ways to donate to The Institute through a will:

  • You can give The Institute a specific amount of money.  For instance, you could state in your will that you give $10,000.00 to The Institute.  You can also specify where that money will be spent, such as stating that you give $15,000.00 to The Institute for educational programs directed to those working with Animal Rescue and Animal Shelters.
  • You can give The Institute specific property. For instance, you could state in your will that you give The Institute a certain parcel of property.  Or you can specify that you give The Institute a certain stock that you own.
  • You can give The Institute a specific percentage of your estate.  For instance, you could state in your will that you give The Institute 10% of your total estate.
  • You can give The Institute the residue or remainder of your estate.  This means that you give The Institute all monies that are left over after all your other bequests to family and friends have been fulfilled.
  • You can name The Institute as the recipient of any gifts that cannot be fulfilled.  In this way, if you leave a gift to someone who cannot receive it, for whatever reason, that gift will go to The Institute.

Revocable Living Trust
A Revocable Living Trust is an instrument created to manage your property while you are alive, provide for management of your property if, at some point in the future, you can’t manage your own affairs, and distribute your assets after your death.  Throughout your life, you have the opportunity to revise your trust and change the gifts noted therein.

It is possible to donate to The Institute through a Revocable Living Trust in many of the same ways that you can donate through a will: donating a specific amount of money, specific property, a percentage of your estate, the remainder of your estate, etc.

Charitable Remainder Trust
A Charitable Remainder Trust is created by placing some of your assets into a trust that is set up to pay income to you and/or other beneficiaries for a certain period of time.  At the time of your death, the remaining assets in the trust go to The Institute.  This gift of the remaining assets is what is known as the charitable remainder.

Charitable Remainder Trusts can be either Charitable Remainder Annuity Trusts, providing you with a fixed income each year, or a Charitable Remainder Unitrust, providing you with a variable annual income.  There is also a Charitable Lead Trust, where payments would be made to The Institute throughout the life of the trust and then the trust assets are returned to you or to another beneficiary.

Life Insurance

Often life insurance policies that were originally purchased for specific reasons, such as paying for your children’s college, protecting a home mortgage, or supplementing your retirement, are no longer needed for these purposes.  There are a number of methods you can use to donate life insurance proceeds to The Institute:

  • You can name The Institute as the Primary Beneficiary of the policy.  This way The Institute will receive all of the proceeds of the policy.
  • You can name The Institute as a Co-Beneficiary of the policy.  This way The Institute will share the proceeds of the policy with others you choose.
  • You can name The Institute as the Contingent Beneficiary.  This way The Institute will receive the proceeds of the policy if one or more of the other beneficiaries have already passed away.