Shelli Orava

SHELLI ORAVA, Certified Consulting AssociateSHELLI ORAVA

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Shelli has always been associated with the animal world. She grew up on the Eastern side of the Canadian Rockies with a family of animal lovers, and was constantly surrounded by cats, dogs, horses, llamas and the omnipresent rescued beast or bird.

In the Orava family, the philosophy of animal care was: treat them as an equal, feed them before yourself and always pass kindness and love toward your four-legged friends. Shelli went beyond.  She had the innate tools to communicate naturally with the animal world. This was especially evident seeing her, from a young age riding bare back through the country, without bridle with a half dozen four-legged friends charging behind!

Shelli is married to a man who shares her many passions.  Multi-day horse packing trips through the rugged Canadian Rockies is one of their loves.  They live in a small hamlet in the Rockies and continue to be close to nature and the animal world.

Shelli has a calm, intuitive approach to life in both human and animal realms.  She has further developed this ability through life coaching,  and now through animal communication.  Her abilities result in building a bridge between the human/animal connection.

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