Client Testimonials

Find out just how powerful and effective Carol’s sessions and classes can be from the people who have experienced them first hand!

Carol’s clients from around the world share their life-changing experiences with Carol.  Read their amazing stories of how Animal Communication has helped them resolve behavioral problems, locate lost animals, tune in to physical or medical conditions and help people and animals handle the transition to the other side.



“I had the pleasure of having an animal communication consultation with Hanna when my sweet 12 year old Shihtzu, Buddy, was diagnosed with lung cancer.  I was devastated by his diagnosis and wanted dearly to know what he needed to be comfortable.  As I didn’t want him to feel he needed to stay around just for me nor did I want him to be in pain.  The communication with Hanna was the best decision I made while caring for little Buddy when he was sick.  The communication gave me so much comfort and peace of mind.  I laughed and cried ( a lot) throughout the session as Hanna shared Buddy’s experiences, memories and perspectives.  It was truly so helpful for my relationship with Buddy be able to understand Buddy during this very painful and difficult time in his end of life transition. It deepened our relationship.

“When I found a new pup to share my life with after Buddy had passed, I wanted to use animal communication to help my little guy, Joey, adjust to his new life with us.  As a mental health therapist, I was wanting Joey to become a therapy dog for my clients. Hanna helped Joey understand what his role as a therapy pup  would be and ways for me to attend to his needs during and after our client sessions.  Hanna also helped me become aware of some strategies to address some physical issues that I was not aware of.  Hanna is a lovey human.  Her kindness and genuine approach to her work is comforting and helpful.”

Julie W. Salt Lake City, Utah



Corrie1wCorinthia, Corie as we call her for short, had been suffering from separation anxiety on and off for the seven years of her life. This past year was the worst. We tried Clomicalm and Prozac interchangeably, and each worked for a while before her separation anxiety would return. We even tried Bach flower remedy, but nothing would really ‘remedy’ the situation. We kept her in her kennel cab when we were out so that she couldn’t hurt herself. But that didn’t work. The situation would worsen with her chewing into walls and doors, to the point of her breaking off several teeth. We were desperate to find a solution because we were unable to leave her home alone without fear for what we would find upon our return. We were under ‘Corie arrest’ as we called it.

That weekend Carol communicated with Corie.

On Monday Pattie got the call back from Carol and she told us that Corie felt like she was being treated like child when she really wanted to be treated like an adult, after all she was seven years old and not an infant anymore.

Here is a summary of Carol’s findings:
Corie was desperate to protect the family – to be responsible for protecting the family, and she couldn’t do that behind closed doors or in kennel cabs. She needed to have open doors – no kennel cab – so that she could keep the house protected. She was smarter than the average dog – she was as smart as a person. Carol said she had the mentality of a human. Corie wanted to do something of importance – like search and rescue where she can sniff and explore. She really wants to feel needed and to have some challenges and experiences in her life. Until now she was basically a homebody, but she has the capacity to – and wants to – do more. She is getting older and really wants to accomplish something in her life. Corie doesn’t want to wear the birthday hats and other ‘baby’ outfits that she is sometimes asked to wear. She wants to wear a vest that signifies her importance and accomplishment – something that she can be proud of. She doesn’t want to be babied so much anymore. She wants us to acknowledge her strong mind and her wisdom of age. Corie doesn’t want to be called ‘baby girl’ anymore – she is a mature girl, or a big girl or a beautiful girl – call her anything but a baby! Corie really wants to protect her mom – she wants to make sure her mom is happy and protected. She worries she is not able to do this if she is in a closed room, as she feels it is her responsibility to perform this role. Carol wanted make sure that Corie was on healthy food, so we changed her food to an all natural brand.

Corrie2wWe changed the way we interacted with Corie. She was no longer our baby – now she was our big girl and she was asked to help us to protect her mom and the house. Since this time, we have noticed big, and I do mean big, changes in Corie’s behavior. She is like a different dog. It is truly a miracle. We had been walking her every morning, but now we walk her with the intent for her to sniff things and to follow scents (like searching). She is calm and contented. She stays in the house alone with her brother and sister and we ask her to be in charge while we are out.

We now come home to a calm and contented Corie who does not chew, tear up, self destruct or otherwise cause any problems. We are truly amazed by the transformation.
We intend to enroll her in Search and Rescue training in the new year, not so much for her to actually become a Search and Rescue dog (unless this is truly her desire), but because Corie needs to stimulate her brain and challenge her mind – that is very healthy for her and she has the intelligence to succeed.

Corie, who never used to go out to go pottie in her dog run in the rain, now will go out on a walk in the rain and sniff and follow scents through the neighborhood. This is such a change that we are overwhelmed! When Corie was in the car with us she would bolt over us to get out of the car when we arrived at our destination. We take her with us more now, and she sits calmly in the passenger seat and ‘stays’ in the car while we run errands. We come back to a calm girl who sits and protects the car for us. When we leave our house we talk to Corie and tell her she is in charge to protect the house and her brother and sister, and she actually looks us in the eyes – indicating that she understands the responsibility we are asking of her – and she stays seated as we leave to go out.

I don’t how to thank Carol for the changes we see in Corie and I don’t know how she communicates with the animals. But she communicated with Corie, told us what she found, and the results are no less than miraculous. When all else failed Carol provided us with the keys to success in reining in Corie’s separation anxiety, and for that we will be forever grateful. Thank you so much Carol!

And by the way, Corie is a darling Pit bull who was and is a shining example of how wonderful this breed really is.


Pattie and John Mandel


Bundy-Bryer-1I want to express my deepest gratitude for your help in finding my dog, Bundy. I rescued him from an abusive home and although he is healthy and happy now, his deep fear of people and loud situations never left him.
When Bundy was found, I wanted to take a picture of the location and show it to everyone because it was EXACTLY as you had described it after Bundy told you. You couldn’t have painted a better picture for me.

Bundy was gone for nine of the worst days of my life. I was unable to do anything other than search for my baby. You gave me the faith and direction when I needed it most and because of your incredible gift, my dog was found! How does one possibly thank another for that. My animals are my life and you enriched all of ours so much. Bundy and I are indebted to you forever. Thank you for you gift and for sharing it with us.

With deepest gratitude,

Heather & Bundy Brye


CohenOur handsome, blonde Cairn terrier was a mystery. At the pound they’d told us he was three, but he moved so slowly we named him Grandpa. He never barked, licked us, or got onto the sofa, and he was so withdrawn we thought he might be brain-damaged. Very slowly and tentatively, he began to allow himself to be loved, and at these times we sensed an overwhelming gratitude. But then he would abruptly pull away and retreat to a distant room. He wasn’t fearful—except of intimacy—and we guessed he hadn’t been physically abused. Still, something had given him an overwhelming feeling that he wasn’t wanted. To find out how we could help him, we made an appointment with Carol.

The session with Carol was very comfortable, nothing was strange, just everyday conversation with another species. What she told us was a detailed confirmation of what we ourselves had intuited. Of course he wasn’t three; she said he was closer to 12. Grandpa had indeed had a sad life, ignored, relegated to life in a dirt back yard by a quarreling unhappily married couple, often fed sodas and candy by their children, and referred to as “the dog.” Early on, Grandpa learned to hide, to stay away from the often-screaming husband and wife, to withdraw utterly. This went on for 9 years until one of his escape attempts succeeded. We were so relieved to learn he hadn’t been longing for a former loving owner.

Carol passed along many more messages from Grandpa that day about his health needs, his emotional needs, his need for assurance that he is not a bother and is truly wanted; and that information has changed his life and ours. And little things too–that Grandpa likes to smell sweet (now we are constantly telling him, “Grandpa, you smell so good!”

What we learned about our second rescue Cairn terrier, Hotshot, was equally illuminating. Without ever seeing him move, Carol told us he was a “jock” who would benefit from agility classes. Zing! It felt right on the money. And, she said, he was a showboat who wanted a big audience, a fancy collar and a blue ribbon to parade around in. We had to laugh at that—it was classic. We already knew he was a remarkable athlete, but Carol told us that at age 6 he was facing a mid-life crisis, worried he no longer had “the right stuff.” To deal with his one flaw–aggression toward male dogs—Carol told us to exercise him and “wear him out.” He had to work through post-traumatic stress that had come after fighting every day with the male dog of his first owner.

Finally, Carol’s two referrals–to an inspired veterinarian and physical therapist—have measurably improved the Boys’ lives and probably lengthened their life spans. What an enriching and humor-filled time the Boys and we spent with Carol!

We do have one regret, however. Why oh why didn’t we take our last generation of Cairn terriers to talk to Carol?

Edward & Kathy Cohen


Smoky-2One of my old cats, Smokey (shown here with her friend, Lucy), had been ailing. I took her to the veterinarian a week ago and we did blood work. It came back showing liver problems. She got her meds everyday at the prescribed time and was actually eating pretty well. She seemed to be holding her own.

This morning, at 6:15 am, Smokey woke me up with the most horrible kitty howling I have ever heard. I ran outside and she was sitting, hunched over. She couldn’t walk and she was shaking. As I scooped her up in her big towel, she looked at me and as clear as a bell, said “It’s time” . She and I sat until the veterinarian opened at 8 am, I held her and she was snuggled against me, purring. She went very calmly and quietly, the veterinarian was even misty eyed.

Carol, without your class in early June, I would have fought that message of “it’s time”. I would have thought I was making it up. Instead, I was able to help my pet leave when she wanted. I have been trying to talk to my own animals ever since your workshop. Since Smokey had been ill, I had been holding her everyday and talking to her, trying to determine her wishes. Earlier in the week, she had said that she wasn’t ready to leave yet. But this morning, there was no mistaking the message. It was straight-forward, unemotional and so clear in my mind, I didn’t even think about second guessing myself.

Kathy Nelson


sm_boxer1After attending a 2-day workshop with Carol, I subsequently asked her to communicate with Faith, a boxer dog that had recently come into my life from a shelter. The conversation that Carol had with Faith was an epiphany for me…that an absolute stranger could be so accurate about my dog. Carol quickly quieted the skeptic in me with her accurate descriptions of Faith’s personality.

Carol was able to discuss my concerns about Faith’s aggressive behavior in such a way that Faith readily agreed to help work with me to resolve these issues. Faith told Carol that she felt like she needed to be aggressive when she met other dogs in order to prevent the other dog from hurting her. Carol asked Faith if she would consider flirting with other dogs…Faith was a little puzzled by this suggestion, but agreed that if I could show her what “flirting” was, then she would willingly give it a try.

Can you imagine hearing that you have to teach your dog to flirt?! As much as I respected Carol’s expert opinion, this was a lot to ask. A few days later, I was walking through the farm with Faith off leash when two of the working cattle dogs appeared around the corner. Both male dogs, they ran straight for Faith. I didn’t have time to grab her. Much to my surprise, when the dogs were about ten feet away, my mouth dropped as Faith turned her butt, wiggled it in the air and ran circles around those boys with her tongue out in a huge boxer grin.

So, no matter how outlandish Carol’s suggestion may have sounded to me then, I will never doubt her again. She has helped create a profound understanding between myself and Faith and has served to increase my awareness and respect for companion animals as more that just “pets”.

Sally King
Equine Behaviorist


Hello Carol,
BuntyI felt I must write to thank you for all your tremendous help to me and my beloved cat. Bunty passed into Spirit form on June 27, 2005 following a courageous battle against a tumor in her jaw bone. Despite having 13 other rescued cats in my household, Bunty had a very special place in my heart. I rescued her as a stray 15 years ago as kitten and since then I have shared a special bond with her.

I learned in March 2005 that there was nothing that could be done to help her so I knew I would have to face the inevitable in the months to come. In the past, when one of my cats have departed to Spirit form, I had been a total wreck. Bunty’s passing was different…thanks to you my dear Carol…because I had obtained a copy of your wonderful tape on “Death & Dying with Animals”.

I played the tape regularly prior to Bunty’s passing and still use it today. I just cannot believe what a great comfort it has been in coping with my loss.

God bless you all for what you do for the Animals.

Lesley Harnett
United Kingdom


Dear Carol:

sunnyI am writing to thank you for helping me. After Stoney died, you helped me to understand his passing and to relieve some of the pain. It enabled me to know that he didn’t suffer and that he was still with me and would be coming back.

You were also there when I was thinking about getting a new puppy. Your consultation gave me the information I needed to look for the right puppy for me.

As it happens, I have found him. He is exactly like you said he would be! I feel like he has been with me all my life. He is smart, loving and has lots of personality.

Your advice helped me to persist even when the breeder didn’t want to sell him to me. Thank goodness. I think of him as the son of Stoney. He is so much like him, yet different in his own way.

I really appreciated all the reassuring phone calls to help me allay my anxiety and to follow my heart. I call him Sunny for bringing Sunshine into my life. I might change it, but Sunny is what it is for now.

Thanks again–you were great. It was amazing how you had him pegged!

Joyce Law Krause

Sir George

Sir-George-088Shown to the left is Sir George, a Black Pomeranian. Our other dog, Ms. Missy Holley was a mix of Terrier & Maltese (we think). She was a rescue dog with severe emotional problems that we were unable to understand. We were having a very difficult time with both dogs interacting so we brought Carol in on the suggestion of a dear friend. I was a bit apprehensive as pet communication was very unfamiliar to me. She communicated with both dogs, and was able to provide history on Missy, how she became abandoned, and basic emotional feelings from both pets. From this encounter, we found a happy medium in our household as both dogs became a bit more tolerant of each other.

Carol has been strongly instrumental in our learning to communicate with George and we have found continuous positive results when applied. We have been amazed at how “spot-on” she is when relaying information to us about both of our pets. A bit eerie at first, as only our pets could have communicated such information to her, but after working with her, and reading her books, you realize this woman truly has a “gift “ to share.

We contacted Carol a second time for Sir George. Since the death of Missy, he began losing all of his hair which is normally lush and full . We had taken him to our veterinarian where they performed testing for Cushing’s Disease, as they felt that was the problem. They found, after testing and biopsies that this was not the problem. We were becoming distraught as his hair loss had now moved up his torso to his neck area. After her communication with Sir George, she indicated that he was going through strong guilt feelings as he felt he had something to do with the death of Missy. He was not exposed to her when it happened, and did not realize that she was simply quite old and had been through tremendous problems prior our finding her. Carol advised us to have a talk with George and explain that he had nothing to do with it. Michael did, and there was an immediate change with him –in his mood, appetite, etc. She also gave us some diet tips for him, to which we adhered to, and he is now starting to sprout all new hair in the bald areas.

This woman truly has the gift. She also presented thoughts from our pets that were so true, and only our pets would know about, as she was totally unaware of our background.

Marte & Michael Holley
Beverly Hills, CA