Standards of Practice

Graduates of The Gurney Institute of Animal Communication (GIAC) Training Program who have completed all requirements and are approved by the Board of Examiners become Certified Animal Communicators. They will be presented with a certificate as a testament to this accomplishment. Students who have participated in the Training Program at the GIAC but who have not been certified may not state or print that they are “certified.”

Associates respect the confidentiality of the animal and client at all times. Data will not be used outside the scope of class study unless written permission is obtained from the client. Release of client, case study, or any other information regarding client consultations and experiences, other than for educational and research purposes, must be obtained through The Institute (see GIAC Testimonial Agreement).

Associates will practice within the scope of their background, training, knowledge, and experience.

Associates do not diagnose or prescribe medications, but recommend that clients seek diagnosis and treatment from a veterinarian and other qualified professionals.

Associates are committed to the highest level of service to the animals and their clients, which requires an agreement to operate in accordance with the Code of Ethics.

Associates will represent a professional presence at all times including dress, hygiene, and overall appearance.

Associates always discuss fees and financial arrangements without hesitation or equivocation at the onset with the client and they are established in a straightforward, professional manner. The fee schedule is published on The Institute website.

At times, Associates may render service to individuals or groups in need without financial compensation at their discretion.

Associates neither receive nor pay a commission for referral of a client.

Associates will contribute to the ongoing development of the GIAC and will always represent The Institute suitably and professionally to the public.

Associates will not use alternative communicative modalities in place of direct communication with any animal, such as:

  • Spirit guides
  • Dowsing
  • Shamanic journeying

Associates when using their own intuition to enhance a session will make clear to the client the distinction between what is coming from their intuition versus what is coming from the animal. All communications with the client must be clear and well defined, and the communication from the animal kept pure at all times.

Associates are committed to listening to the guardian/client with the same level of sensitivity that is given to the animal and will work with the client to develop a realistic plan of action.

Associates must have each client sign a contract to assure that they understand that the responsibility for the health of their animal rests with them and that animal communication is a compliment to and not a substitute for veterinary medical care, that they understand the terms of GIAC services, and to release GIAC of liability for any potential harmful acts of all graduates.

This contract (Client Release of Liability and Disclaimer) is part of the online consultation sign-up. Clients who do not purchase consultations from the website must sign a hard copy contract and submit it to GIAC before the consultation takes place. You can fax a signed copy to the office. There is no exception to this policy.

The Gurney Institute of Animal Communication enforces the Standards by investigating complaints of violations and by taking disciplinary action, including revocation of certification if warranted. This is done in the best interests of GIAC Certified Graduates, Associates, their clients, and The Institute.