About the Institute

The only global center dedicated to expanding and sustaining the credibility and integrity of the Animal Communication industry.

Based on the work of industry pioneer Carol Gurney and her HeartTalk Program® Certification Training, The Institute continues to lead the way by offering the most comprehensive, sophisticated and rigorous approach to Professional Animal Communication Certification anywhere in the world.

The Institute also offers an extensive array of education, training and consultative resources designed to help everyone interested in learning how Animal Communications may be used to help the animals in their lives.

The Genesis of The Gurney Institute

During Carol’s multiple decade journey to become one of the world’s most experienced Animal Communicators and teachers, she encountered a great deal of discrepancy as to what exactly Animal Communication was and how to gain the skills necessary to be an effective Animal Communicator. She also found, at times, a lack of accountability and credibility that not only relegated Animal Communication to the New Age fringes of society, but also made it hard for people to find a “good” Professional Animal Communicator. So her mission became two-fold: to create an in-depth program with a defined curriculum that would give her students a solid foundation to work from and to create Standards of Practice to help Animal Communication to be better understood and respected throughout the world as a legitimate form of communication between humans and their animal companions.

As Carol continued her teaching, it became apparent there was a need to provide more tools and resources designed to help a broad range of people understand and experience the benefits authentic, verifiable animal communication can have on their relationships with the animals in their lives. In 2008, she established The Gurney Institute of Animal Communication as a center of education, training, consultations and research to fulfill this need, and in 2012 transformed The Institute into a Non Profit Public Benefit Corporation to provide a broader foundation for informing and educating all of society about the benefits of animal communication.

The Goals of The Gurney Institute

The Mission of The Gurney Institute is very simply to be the Leader in the Animal Communication Industry, setting the standards of quality, integrity, ethics, training, verification and research. Through The Institute, Carol Gurney has created a well-known and respected resource, carefully designed to provide support for anyone interested in developing their skills or understanding how Animal Communications can be used to help the animals in their lives. The Institute’s team of leaders work with everyone interested in Animal Communications including Animal Industry professionals, (such as veterinarians and trainers), those wishing to develop their skills for personal use or who want to become Certified Professional Animal Communicators, and people who want Carol or a Certified Gurney Institute Consulting Associate to work with their animals.

And all of this, of course, has been created for the ultimate purpose of giving the animals around the world an authentic voice, helping them to be better understood and respected.

What Makes The Institute Different?

Carol’s style of teaching is simple, clear, and down-to-earth. She is a gifted teacher with a gentle and caring soul, and she makes it easy to learn how to communicate with animals in a safe, supportive, and loving environment. Her workshops are incredible to experience. It was so much more than I ever would have expected from any workshop…It was truly a heart-opening experience.
– Linda Gray, Actress


Carol has the unique ability to reach each person at the level in which they learn best. There is never any pressure, just the constant affirmation that it will happen for you too.
– Kim Sanders, Horse Trainer, Centreville, VA

Every contact with The Institute — whether for training, consultations or information — is characterized by our compassion, credibility and authenticity and is supported by over twenty-five years of experience.

We focus on teaching and using the Language of Animals. Our approach is founded on the belief that when you can speak and hear the language of animals clearly, honestly and accurately, you can then understand their issues and problems. We then take this skill farther: we probe to get to the root cause and gently lead both the animal and their human companion to specific steps and actions that can resolve problems and strengthen their relationship.

All of The Institute’s training programs, classes and workshops are designed to create a safe environment where students are encouraged to speak freely and let go of fears of being wrong or making a mistake. If you are struggling with a particular concept or issue, our staff provides one-on-one guidance and support to help you over your hurdles.

Our HeartTalk Program® Certification Training is simply the most Comprehensive Training Program for those who wish to become Professional Animal Communicators. Twenty-five years of research and experience have laid the foundation for this extraordinary program that graduates certified Professionals equipped to address a broad scope of issues including behavioral problems, physical issues, lost animals and animals near the end of their life or who have passed over. The Gurney Institute Certified Professional Animal Communicators are trained to be results oriented, to get to the root of the problem and to provide workable solutions to their clients.

When you need a Professional Animal Communicator to help with your own animals, Carol or one of The Institute’s highly-trained Consulting Associates can provide caring and skilled assistance. You will not only hear what your animal has to say, but you will also receive a step-by-step action plan to address issues that are uncovered during your consultation.

Here’s what Corie’s people have to say about this Pit Bull’s dramatic behavior changes after a Consultation with Carol:

Corie had been suffering from separation anxiety on and off for the seven years of her life. We kept her in her kennel cab when we were out so she couldn’t hurt herself. We even put her on Prozac, but that didn’t work. The situation would worsen with her chewing into walls and doors, to the point of her breaking off several teeth. We were desperate to find a solution.


Carol told us that Corie felt like she was being treated like a child when she really wanted to be treated like an adult. Corie was desperate to protect the family…and she couldn’t do that behind closed doors or in kennel cabs. She wanted to do something of importance – like search and rescue where she can sniff and explore – and really wanted to accomplish something in her life.


Carol gave us an Action Plan and we changed the way we interacted with Corie. Now she was our big girl and we asked her to be in charge while we are out. We now come home to a calm and contented Corie who does not chew, self destruct or otherwise cause any problems. Now we walk her with the intent for her to sniff things and to follow scents (and) we intend to enroll her in Search and Rescue training to stimulate her brain and challenge her mind.


Since this time, we have noticed big, and I do mean big, changes in Corie’s behavior. She is like a different dog. It is truly a miracle.
– Pattie and John Mandel


Click here to read more about Corie’s story.

How Can The Institute Help You?

I’d like to know more about Animal Communications in general.
Start with one of Carol’s Beginning Animal Communication Teleconferences; she holds one every month at no charge and you can submit your questions or simply listen. Clicking through this website will also be helpful; especially the Frequently Asked Questions section. You can also click here to hear excerpts from one of Carol’s CD’s: The Beginner’s Guide to Animal Communication.


I’d like to learn how to communicate with my own animals.
Carol’s book, The Language of Animals: 7 Steps to Communicating with Animals provides a proven, structured approach to learning how to speak your animal’s language. Also try one of her CD’s.


The Institute also offers Introductory Webinars and Workshops for those who prefer either classroom or on-line training.


I work in the Animal Industry Profession (as a veterinarian, trainer, animal rescue, vet tech…) — how can you help me?
The Institute has several Workshops and Webinars specifically designed to help those who work with animals. One of our new offerings, the Rescue and Ailing Animals Webinar, has been particularly helpful to those involved in animal rescue and veterinary sciences. If you have a specific need, please contact us.


I need someone to work with my animal – can you help?
Yes! Carol or a Gurney Institute Consulting Associate can help with behavioral problems, lost animals, physical issues and animals who are near the end of their life or have already passed over. Sometimes our clients want their animals to know about upcoming changes such as relocating, an extended vacation, or adding another animal to their family. You might also wish to know if your animal is happy, or if they need something from you. Click on Consultations to get more information and to schedule your session.


I’d like to become a Professional Animal Communicator…or enhance my skills to reach another level.
Check out our HeartTalk Program® Certification Training — a unique combination of hand-on training followed by application of the tools you learn in real-life case studies to perfect your skills.


If you have other areas where you need help, just let us know.

Everyone who comes to The Gurney Institute receives the support of the world’s first team of proven and credible Animal Communicators, leaders in the industry, helping to set the standard of legitimate and ethical interspecies communication.

If the animals have called to your heart, let The Gurney Institute of Animal Communication give you the training, the tools or the support you need on your journey.