Animal Communication CD’s

by Carol Gurney, Animal Communicator, Author

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The following materials were designed to give the listener an extensive introduction to Animal Communication, and were recorded for the beginner as well as those who wish to refresh their knowledge.

Educational CDs and Bundles


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Animal Communication CD SUMMER SPECIAL!!!
Beginners Guide To Animal Communication CD BUNDLE!!

Let US help YOU spread the word about animal communication and help others learn how to effectively begin the process of communicating and helping animals! We have this amazing summer special of Carol beginners CD. Purchase a bundle for yourself and help get this timeless and priceless teaching by Carol Gurney out to the world of animal lovers!!

Pack of 5

Pack of 10

Animal Communication CDs

Animal Communication CDBeginners Guide To Animal Communication CD
$19.95 – Physical CD

Animal Communication CDAnimals as Our Mirrors CD
$19.95 – Physical CD | $15.95 – Digital Download

ALL 5 Teaching Titles – Digital Download Bundle

Purchase any or all of Carol’s 5 teaching titles via digital download format and listen on your computer or other devices for only $69.99 (an $80 value when purchases separately!)

$69.00 – ALL 5 Teaching Titles – Digital Download Bundle!

All information shared in Animal Communication Workshops, Body Balancing Workshops, and in private consultations are meant to facilitate health, balance and well-being in an animal. All written materials, lectures, discussions, questions and answers, references to other modalities, products and practitioners are all ways in which information may be furnished in workshops and consultations. At no time is this information meant to be a replacement for traditional medical care, veterinary treatment or a medical diagnosis for illness or injury.

Refer to a licensed medical or veterinary practitioner for medical care and to appropriate professionals for the service you are seeking.