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Improving Your Animal’s Life – A 4-part Webinar Series With Industry Experts

Improving Your Animal's Life – A 4-part Webinar Series With Industry ExpertsWould you like to hear what industry professionals have to say about the care and communication with animals? Have you been thinking how you would like to enhance your knowledge of animal care and communication? Would you like to share this knowledge and skill with others? This is the webinar series for you!

The Gurney Institute of Animal Communication is proud to offer this 4-part webinar series featuring industry professionals. This series is a great opportunity for anyone looking to further develop their knowledge about animals and/or to help enhance skills for those learning about animal communication.

These professionals have been selectively chosen by The Institute. You will hear from respected leaders in the animal community, including veterinarians, nutritionists, natural horsemanship trainers, and more.

The Webinars in this series host their own themes ranging from relationships, nutrition, all the way to exercise and meditation.

At The Gurney Institute of Animal Communication we believe in success through education. Continual education is the best way to have a well-rounded knowledge, so please join us for this engaging series.

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Linda Salinas, Certified Instructor in The Carolyn Resnick Method
Dr. Jodie Santaroosa, DVM, Brightside Vet
Sue Erwin, Certified Consulting Associate and Board Member, The Gurney Institute
Dr. Dody Tyneway, DVM, CVA, CCRT, AVCA, Holistic Veterinary Clinic

How to create stronger relationships with your animals and how animal communication can help you develop those techniques.

Certified Instructor in The Carolyn Resnick Method,
Gastonia, North Carolina

Linda talks about animal communication and how it creates stronger relationships with all animals. Many of us are much better animal communicators then we think we are.  When we are around animals, we too can think in pictures just like the animals.  In this discussion Linda shares some of the animal communication skills she uses in the training of horses at liberty.  When training horses at liberty the horse is in his full expression making it more dangerous than when there is tack on.  Being present in the moment, focused on connection, always reading the animal and how he feels concerning her interactions has helped develop her as a professional horse trainer.

How embracing animal communication has changed and influenced this Veterinarian’s practice.

Dr. Jodie Santarossa, DVM 
BrightSide Vet, Alberta, Canada

This webinar examines how embracing animal communication has changed and influenced Jodie’s style of practice.   Once a staunch skeptic and doubter of animal communication, Jodie describes how she became open to feeling energy.  Hear how she incorporates animal communication on a daily basis to help diagnose dis-ease in her patients and address spiritual, emotional and physical healing with animals’ consent and participation in the process.  Particularly profound and rewarding for Jodie is the ability to connect with an animal to discuss his wishes regarding the details of the euthanasia process.  Giving an animal a voice in that most critical time is a liberating experience for all involved. It sets a tone of greater ease and acceptance that Jodie had previously not experienced prior to animal communication when dealing with euthanasia.  Always informative, often entertaining, Jodie looks forward to sharing her story and engaging those of like mind and philosophy to discuss the emergent role for animal communication within veterinary medicine.

Why and when to call an Animal Communicator

Susan Erwin
Associate and Board Member of The Gurney Institute of Animal Communication, Fairfield, VA

Our animals talk to us all the time. Often they say it with their bodies – a wagging tail, contented purring, or a soft nicker at the barn.  But sometimes, they need to say more.

There are as many reasons for calling an Animal Communicator as there are animals and their people.  It may be that your animal is lost, or sick; unhappy, acting strangely or behaving badly; near the end of their life or already passed on.  There may be things going on in your life that can affect your animal:  you may be moving or taking a vacation, thinking about adding another animal to your family, or making a change in your life that will impact your animal companions.  Sometimes we wonder if our animals are happy or if they need something from us, or we just would like to ask them questions and hear what they have to tell us.  Join us to discover exactly how an Animal Communicator can help with all of these issues.

Exercise and Nutrition as a Compliment to Overall Health

Dr. Dody Tyneway, DVM, CVA, CCRT, AVCA
Holistic Veterinary Clinic, Calabasas, CA

Dr. Tyneway’s specialties include Acupuncture, Homeopathy, Chinese Herbal Medicine, Chiropractic Manipulation and Canine Rehabilitation.

Our pets are our family members so of course we want what is best for them!  Dr. Dody Tyneway gives you an overview of disease prevention strategies with a focus on nutrition and exercise.

Dody also discusses:

  • How your pet’s body condition is more important than a number on the scale
  • The dizzying array of food options out there and the basics of how to choose
  • How much exercise is appropriate for young dogs?
  • How much exercise for seniors?
  • How to keep your pet safe on a trail?
  • How to help your senior dog live life fully?