DAY 14 – October 29

I must say ending the Safari by having 4 days in Zanzibar was absolutely the way to go. It gave us an opportunity to do absolutely “nothing” and we so needed that after our long 10 hours in the truck every day. So we learned about the history of Zanzibar….

and then relaxed at the “Next Paradise,” a beautiful villa right on the beach. So it offered us an opportunity to digest a bit of what we had experienced and unwind from a most magical and spiritually oriented Safari.

So thanks to everyone who was on the Safari, thanks to Gennifer Reed for putting the Safari together, and thanks to all the wonderful people who made it such a comfortable and safe environment in which to connect with all beings.

What can I say?  A picture is worth a thousand words….here are some of our memories!

Rock Restaurant on the beach

Carol and Lawrence enjoying the view from the Rock Restaurant

Semele and view






Gennifer being thirsty!

Welcome to Next Paradise Hotel!









Next Paradise Hotel walkway

Semele and Carol enjoying a cocktail before dinner.

Bedroom at Next Paradise

Bedroom and deck of Next Paradise

Zanzibar Market

Monument to the slaves
















*A special thank you to GenSafari’s for photo contributions.