DAY 12 – October 27

Sandy met her soul mate this afternoon on the way back from our last day’s drive.  I’ll let her tell you what her experience was like:

sandyThe tusk-free elephant is in my meditations, who walks the path in my favorite guided meditation with me and is my current animal residing in my heart chakra.  I couldn’t believe I was actually meeting her in person as Carol met Isau. When I saw her, she stood welcoming me on the road with her lovely family, ears spread out wide, creating a giant heart shape, and she emanated a truly loving Spirit.  She seemed to be greeting us and wishing us well as our Safari time comes to a close.  She stood there with her heart-warming, self-connecting with me heart to heart in such a kind and beautiful way, my chest suddenly felt it was glowing with love and light.  elephant-sandy-talks-to

She is unique in that she does not have tusks, as I feel different in many ways too, but that is what makes us special and beautiful.  She is such a kind soul looking out for the other kiddos in the most loving and gentle way.  Her family seemed among the most fun and light as her young brothers play-spared across the road as if showing us their improving techniques, behavior they’ll utilize as older bulls.   She was patient letting her elders and the youngsters drink before she and her younger sister made their way to the stream to slurp up the fresh water.  A tiny baby was a part of her family as were a number of other elephants of varying sizes and ages scattered calmly about in our presence foraging and frolicking .  She let us stop right next to her and her young sister/baby to enjoy them slurping and refreshing in the stream.  Her brother seemed keen to look out for her as we passed, putting his games on hold for a moment.  I could feel a special connection between them all and a wonderful playful, light-hearted Spirit surrounding them.  It was as though she were the one putting up the friendly “pink light” so we’d feel comfortable to really “be” with her.  My heart pounded with joy as I witnessed her truly inspiring presence in reality.  Tears welled up and continued to do so as we slowly drove past and then away back to camp.  An incredible joy took seed in my heart that made me both smile and cry for quite a while.  The rest of the evening I was half in dream-land as I reveled in the majesty of the experience.

Carol and I both shared such a personal moment with elephants, I feel we have a deeper connection as fellow humans through our extraordinary experiences on this trip.  Others on Safari were attracted to a variety of other animals for various reasons.  Our “HeartTalk” lecture let us get closer to those animals and find out why each was attracted in some way to a particular being(s).

As we had the elephants welcome us as when we first started our Safari in the Tarangire Park, we were now being met by 6 young lions who lined the road just feet from our vehicle saying goodbye and wishing us a safe journey home.