Carol led a group exercise for communication with a male elephant we had seen. Our driver told us that the elephant was 45 years of age. Can you imagine that? He was near a large herd, but separated a small distance, eating and staying near us by the road.Carol reminded us of the importance of asking detailed questions and helped us with a few…

45 year old elephant. Photo by GenSafaris.

1) She wanted us to pick up the core essence/personality of the elephant by just being with his energy. 

The feeling was immediately STRONG, especially with his tusks, very evenly balanced.

2) Question: What was  life like before being in this body, and what lies ahead?

The response I felt was a strong.  He stated: “This is my life, lived fully”.

3) What wisdom can you share with us as humans?

As I was asking the question mentally, it was like I was only able to speak in slow motion. A much slower and ‘roots in the earth’ connection. Each moment, each breathe. This was a unique feeling for me compared to the other telepathic communications I received. Although it fit the typical responses which were received almost immediately (even while I was forming the question in my mind), the answer came quickly but seemed to have molasses all over it, giving me the feeling of intense interconnected groundedness. The slowness was not that he was slow, but a feeling that I am able to intensely slow down my thoughts and actions in order to be more complete and whole.

In this experience especially, words fail to come close to the power of the feeling received. In response to this and other pointers received in my life previously, I’ve been slowing down now back in the States. Doing more with less. More in the moment, just addressing what needs to be done right now. The more I am present, right here right now, and the fewer future and past thoughts, the slower it seems that I am moving. My friends know that verbal expression of deep thoughts and feelings is not my strong suit. I encourage you to look deeply and feel through my words and the photograph. It is the one which best communicates the feelings that he gave to me. Hoping this expands in you as it did me.  In joy.


Over the years, I’ve taken a few courses in ‘animal communication’ and have experienced some good results with a desire to learn more. Carol eagerly agreed to do a Tanzania safari as the teacher and off we went with our excited and motivated group. Since she had most experience with teaching through domestic animals and often through photographs, this was a different experience. She led us daily through exercises as we came across animals in their natural environment, guiding us with unique and detailed questions to ask and ways to get past our ‘blocks’.

One of the lessons (and one of her favorites) is ‘Animals as Our Mirrors’. We did a mini session of discussing the animal that we were most drawn to on the safari. The reflections back to us through this experience were so interesting and spot on. It was easiest to see and understand when hearing the others in the group talk about their experience. The patterns and similar flows between them and the animal blaring through as obvious commonalities.

Although verbal communication (especially about the indescribable undercurrent of all Life) is not my forte, Carol found ways to help me connect and replay back to the group what was felt with the animal. She was open and gracious no matter what level we were at, in a non-judging, accepting and encouraging way. We even connected with the trees and land around us. I recommend taking one of her classes and delving deeper into the wonderment of the all connectedness that we call life.