My communication with the elephant:   he is sure of himself, polite, gentle, enjoys life; he thinks of others before himself and is somewhat of a leader acting behind the scenes; he knows that sharing with humans is helpful at this time.  He is also is playful   I got that he had been domesticated in another animal form…………..

Question from Semele to the elephant:  “What have you learned?”

Answer from elephant:  “Humans are basically good, but they have a lot of work to do/understanding to gain about animals and the connected oneness of us all.”  He says to let all of us just be ourselves and be respected as that.

Question: “What is your message for us?”

Answer: We can relax and let life be more simple, taking care of our needs in each moment so we experience self-love and well-being.  There is no need for competition;  we can live a life of happy cooperation and well-being.  Let down our barriers.


Question to the tree growing out of the boulder and its relationship to the boulder:

Answer: The tree is an adventurous spirit.  It enjoys being a thing of beauty.  It is progressive, living on the edge of the future.   The rock is its biggest challenge and greatest ally.  Every small step is harder and slower in the short run, but it is protected for the long run.  It protects the tree from erosion and animals and encourages long life—it acts as a shield.   Also invites certain animals to be close to the tree.

Question: What message do you have for us humans?

Answer: Keep growing forward into new forms.  Look what beauty collaboration creates–something more and different than the sum of the parts.   It’s the way of the future!  Don’t be afraid of challenge and difficulty–allow change for forward movement.    I love being here uniquely beautiful and as I change, I will always be uniquely beautiful and help new growth to appear in new form.


“I so appreciated the opportunity to get to know you better as a person as well as a teacher.  Thank you so much for your warmth, laughter, inspiration and support.  You are great fun with a big heart, and a spicy spirit…loved our time!

Semele and Carol