DAY 13 – October 28

carol-masai-group-in-backIt’s time for the Safari to come to an end and first I wanted to share what Sandy has written in her journal about this trip. Sandy has been on several Safaris in the past but this was a time where she would meet the elephant in person who has been walking her path with her for quite some time in her meditations. What could be more magical than that and for me meeting Isau in person. Here are her thoughts:

A revelation occurred to me as I ponder why we get messages from animals, what’s in it for them to help a human? Then I got the notion that animals already are quite familiar with our wayward human ways and need for help to connect to this planet again, strengthening or reacquainting our relations with Mother Nature, and spending more time “being”, as we are human “beings” after all.  What’s in it for animals to connect, share and help is the wellbeing of this incredibly resilient planet as a whole.  A preservation of the great gift we have of being a part of the connectedness that all “other” life is so familiar with.  We, as a species, have wandered far off track and it benefits the whole system if we are brought back into alignment.  It makes me long to improve my communications with Nature all the more and renders this trip completely worthwhile to have experienced.


Lawrence and Sandy

Now is was time to say good-bye to everyone and we all found this to be extremely difficult. How do you say good-bye to people who have experienced this loving spiritual journey such as this. So there were many tears to be shed. Luckily we received some guidance and help from Lawrence and Sandy about how to re-enter the world we left after having experienced such solitude with Nature. Lawrence guided us with a meditation, letting us project to the future and our transition back, having the strength to take this experience and muster up a better existence utilizing our improved connections to make positive impacts on things and beings near and dear to us.

We thanked Sandy and Lawrence for their kind and gentle guidance.  

The group split up today as we took flight via 2 different airplanes, with myself, Gennifer, Lawrence and Semele heading to Zanzibar for a few days, and Peggy, Emmy and Sandy catching the long red-eye flight to Amsterdam.

Sandy and Semele

Sandy and Semele

Gennifer, Semele, Carol and Lawrence

Gennifer, Semele, Carol and Lawrence


Peggy, Gennifer, Lawrence, Carol, Philip, Semele, Emmy and Sandy