Past Lives – Physical CD


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Past Lives – Physical CD

Since 1986, Carol has taught thousands of workshops and is known in the industry as the best teacher in the field of Animal Communication. She has taught hundreds of workshops and webinars on Past Lives/Reincarnation with Animals. When people have searched for answers for their animal’s behavior with no resolution, Carol strongly suggests looking at the past life of that animal to resolve what might be the missing link. In this CD, you will:

  • Discover that animals can return to us.
  • Learn that animals reincarnate in other forms.
  • Hear how to locate your animal when he returns.
  • Understand how to heal the past life, if necessary.
  • Experience a past life regression with your animal.

My dog had separation anxiety to the point of jumping out plate glass windows. Nothing helped until I had a past life session for my animal with Carol. We both live normal and peaceful lives now.N. Dougherty, MA

$19.95 (Physical CD)