Countdown to Safari with Carol Gurney!

I have over 100 items on the shopping list and can only bring carry-on luggage that weighs 33 lbs. and that is for a 21-day trip.  Now that’s a challenge for a woman. And then believe it or not I actually have to spray my clothes and my suitcase with insect repellent. What have I gotten myself into!  So this is the beginning of my blog so you can follow along with me before I actually get on the plane headed for Tanzania, Africa.

So I’m actually leaving October 13th for Africa and will return on November 2nd. I’m expecting this trip to be a real spiritual and life-changing experience for all of us.  I can’t wait to tell you day by day what we’re experiencing so you can come along on the safari with us.

Can’t wait for you to “join me” on the Safari!

Carol Gurney

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