Sometimes we can receive images from the animals that can seem rather strange and sometimes we choose to censor these images and don’t communicate those to the animal’s guardian fearing that we’ll be wrong or feel like an idiot.

And sometimes those images can prove to be so incredibly accurate that the guardian can’t believe how terrific it was that we got it and it makes a believer out of them. 

Party 1 I always tell my students that when you ask an animal their favorite activities and you get a flying banana, write it down and muster up the courage to tell the guardian what you saw.  Because the guardian then tells you that every morning for breakfast he has a yogurt and then a banana and he always tosses pieces of banana to his dog to catch.  It is a morning ritual of theirs and has been for years.

So remember to write it all down, let go of the judgment, be brave and you just might receive a great treat for your reward!