DAY 11 – October 26

Today we met with the unexpected. We saw a lion and lioness together—just the two of them. Philip, our driver/guide told us lion-and-lioness-sleepingthat they were on their honeymoon. FACT: And a honeymoon for them will last two weeks and during those two weeks they do not eat. The male lion was extremely smitten with the lioness—he loved her strength and it was so lovely to watch him as he would make sure he was on alert mode solions-mating she could sleep peacefully. FACT: What we didn’t know is that the male would have sex with her about every 7 to 10 minutes, and we just couldn’t believe it until we saw it with our own eyes. My goodness, I’m glad I’m not a lioness. One time she batted him to go away—I think it was much warranted behavior on her part. My goodness!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today was the day we would focus on talking with the land and with a particular tree that resonated with all of us. So we went from witnessing some unbelievable sexual behavior to talking with a tree.  We all took a picture of the tree and would communicate with the tree when we got back to camp.

During our ride, we spent time tuning into the trees and the incredible rock formations that take on animal-like shapes welcoming folks to this lush part of the country as it does the animals of the migration each year. In summary, I believe the conversation with the trees made everyone feel so very grounded and in tune with all that is around them.

Sandy had this to share about her communication with the land.

Speaking with Mother Nature’s canvas (the land), another exercise Carol gave us. A perfect woman of her own creation came vividly to mind with the trees/roots and rocks all making up the epidermis, the sky the lungs, the migrations and movements of animals, the circulatory system, the river the intestines and the hair, protecting and regulating from the elements and Her heartbeat is that of all living life on Earth (and Sky).

I was just taken back by everyone’s profound communication with the land—Emmy, Gennifer, Lawrence, Peggy, Sandy, and Semele could not have been more in touch with the land. I learned so much from each and every one of them. It was my honor to be on this trip with such heartfelt people ready for that deep connection. When I spoke to everyone before the trip, I wanted to know what their goal was for the Safari. Every one of them said they wanted to experience a deepened connection with all of Nature and their dreams did come true.

Of course I will share what I got from the land as well. It was rather short and sweet. I also refer to the land as “she.”

I felt from her that she was a great provider and she tries her best. She is as strong as she can be and gets great energy from the trees, the boulders, and all the animals. She also showed me that there are great numbers of crystals below the Earth and she derives great energy from them as well. She was extremely grateful for our recognition of her. While on the drive we entered into an area where there were many rocks and boulders. I saw one boulder who was very much like the elephant who greeted us in the Tarangire Park. The boulder was doing the same: welcoming us into a different world. The energy shifted and there’s no way you could not have recognized the shift.

I was aware that the rock people, so to speak, are such an important part of the whole and that most people never take notice. So again, I found them so appreciative of our awareness and recognition of who they are.    

Now it’s time to share with you the communication with the tree. In my communication, I wanted to know several things from the tree: I wanted to know how the tree got there and was rooted into the boulder, what was her relationship like with the boulder, and what could we learn from this tree. I’m going to refer to the tree as “she.” So here we go:

The animals put me there and I started from a seed…so they created me. The rock has never hindered my growth. We blended easily without struggle. Not all trees can do that….I can. I love my view and the smaller rocks and trees feel like our children. There is no conflict between any of us. We are a resting place for animals—small and large.

We can communicate underground through our roots so we are very strong. I get to feel movement as the boulder does not. He offers stability; I offer a sense of rest and I offer food. I can also see far and I know what’s happening in the distance and am not surprised with any changes that come our way. I know when animals give birth and I also know when they die.

I see (like a library of events like the elephants hold)—I’m connected, connected, connected—as we all are. There is no fear.

What can we learn from you? Stay still and learn to enjoy the stillness. Let the boulder help all to feel solid with who you are and what your job is in this world. And allow yourself to continue to grow. Don’t be afraid to let go of some branches because they might be holding you back. Let go of the old and welcome the new—that’s called life. (I felt that the boulder was a solid foundation we all need in order to grow.)

We are always thankful to all of our fellow friends. There is never any judgment of our looks. Gratitude is a big thing for humans in order to grow.

Emmy had this to share about the tree:

The tree felt feminine. When I looked up at its leaves, I saw fat green stubs on my fingers, lightly blown by wind. In contrast, “being the tree” made me feel twisted and crippled. The voice of the tree was like an eerie whisper, magical rather than frightening.  She said that the boulder supports her.  It is her best friend. And she is never lonely.  [Emmy felt she was about 100 years old.] The tree’s message was to bend like a willow.

The tree’s last bit of advice was perfect for me, as it gave me a smile and reminded me to “let things flow” while on safari.

We will be sharing other’s comments as they are received.  People are still recovering from the Safari!

A personal reflection from Carol….carol-in-truck

I never expected that I would be taken to this deep place within myself on the Safari. During the drive this day, I was talking to Lawrence about the aspect of Past Lives with animals. And then I shared a story about a past life with my horse Tallanny. I believe most of you know that he lived to be 41 years of age and died March 2015. When my conversation with Lawrence ended, I felt this flood of emotion come over me about the love that Tallanny and I shared together for 32 years. And another flood of love and grief all came up in one fell swoop. I just couldn’t hold it inside and the tears started flowing out of me and they kept coming and coming. I thought I was through



this wave when I saw a herd of elephants. I was so overwhelmed with their affection and love (like Isau) that it was too big for me to hold all that love inside. So I cried and then I cried some more. What can someone do with that much love that comes to you all at one time. It was the best shower I ever had but I was filled to the brim. 


I was only able to go there and experience that profound love because of the group. They held the space for me so the tears would flow. I have them to thank for having been able to have one of the best experiences of my life. How lucky am I to have been on this Safari with such loving, caring, and giving people. When I was having a cranial-sacral session before I left for the Safari, Kim, the practitioner said to me I have a feeling this is going to be a very healing trip for you. You think!!!!!! Am I ever blessed. So thank you again—Emmy, Gennifer, Lawrence, Peggy, Sandy and Semele for all your love and kindness.