Carol and TallannyHello Everyone!

I am so excited to announce that this is the very first post on The Gurney Institute of Animal Communication’s new blog.  Over the years I have taught hundreds of workshops.  I have traveled from state to state and from country to country.  But each time I left my students, I was saddened that I had no way to continue my connection with them . . . until now! 

Since 1986, I have helped thousands of people begin their journey as animal communicators.  Some completed our program and became professional animal communicators in their own right.  Others took our classes because they wanted to get in touch with their own furry friends.  Each of my students has been incredibly special to me as I watched them accomplish their own animal communication goals.  And now, with this blog, we can continue to work together and learn together, no matter where we are!

Throughout the months ahead you will have the opportunity to meet my staff, associates, and students as we blog about our various experiences and areas of expertise.  But the purpose of this blog is not only for us to talk to you, but also to give you a chance to share your own experiences with animal communication. Whether it is questions, challenges or successes, this is an avenue for all of us to pitch in with our own talents.  Some of you excel in finding lost animals while others work best when helping out with an animal’s physical challenges.  I know there are great stories out there, because you have shared them with me when we were together.  Now we want you to share them with everyone, so that we can all learn from each other’s experience.  With that in mind, I hope that you will soon come to think of this as your blog, too!

Over the years, I have met many extraordinary people.  My life has been enriched with each one of you.  And we all share one thing in common . . . our love of animals.  I do what I do because of our animal friends and I know you do, too.  It has driven me my whole life.  I owe everything to these kindred spirits.

So I am reaching out to each one of you and inviting you to respond.  I want everyone to hear the wonderful and amazing stories that you have shared with me over the years, and those new stories you haven’t yet told.  I want us to grow together with all the wisdom and resources I have come across in my years and travels.  But most importantly, I want you to be a part of raising the world’s level of consciousness for our beloved animals.  I know we are making a difference in their lives and I want you to realize that, too.

I’m thrilled to reconnect with you all over again.  This time, let’s stay connected.   Okay enough said . . . now hit the reply button and let’s start chatting. I can see all of our animal’s tails wagging in anticipation.  What a great sight!